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Our Counter Strike 1.6 server hosting line guarantees maximum performance, flexibility and first quality support.

All our servers have Intel® technology, their processors guarantee high availability and exceptional performance.

Our dedicated staff team is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to ensure you’re provided with the support you need.

When you buy a game server, it includes a MySQL database that is totally FREE and permanent during the whole time of the contract.

All of our game hosting services are monitored and controlled by TCAdmin panel. Have full control over your service from anywhere, anytime.

The DDoS protection can handle any type of attack without generating any interruption, its service will remain under protection 24/7.

All game servers are hosted on operating systems with Linux kernel, one of the best options in terms of performance and security.

Datacenter located in Montreal, Canada.

Thanks to our geographical location our DDoS security and mitigation is better!

Features Counter Strike 1.6 Server

Access to the game panel and billing panel

24/7 access to the Control Panel with multiple options. Send tickets, pay bills or set up your server. You can also configure the firewall and view DDoS attack logs.

DDoS protection up to 500Gbps

All Counter Strike 1.6 server hosting is protected by our Anti-DDoS that mitigates attacks of up to 500 Gbps. We also apply custom rules that are specifically tailored to Counter Strike 1.6 server to eliminate malicious traffic that attempts to congest the game server.

DDoS Attacks Notifications

You will receive instant notifications to your email of all DDoS attacks. This information can be useful to check if our mitigation system is eliminating threats.

Sub-user system

All our platforms allow you to create secondary accounts and manage their permissions, this is very useful to assign them to your administration team, it is also safer because it prevents them from taking full control of your Master account.

Query Flood Protection

The attack ‘Query Flood’ is able to bypass the Anti-DDoS measures of many hosting companies, posing as legitimate players causing much impact on your Counter Strike 1.6 server. We have the necessary techniques and infrastructure to mitigate this type of attacks regardless of size. Thanks to our Layer7 filters designed specifically for Counter Strike 1.6 we are able to eliminate malicious packets.

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Why Choose us?

We will explain…

Thanks to our geographical location, players from North America will have under ping in all the games.

Our staff team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays, our main priority is to solve all incidents without delay.

Don’t worry if you fall short of slots, you can increase or decrease them whenever you want. We are a good choice in terms of flexibility.

Our mitigation will take care of any type of DDoS attack without generating lag, your service remains under protection 24/7, we offer up to 500Gbps of free capacity.

Frequent questions

How long does it take to install my service after ordering?

When ordering, a bill is generated. When you pay the bill, our billing team will be in charge of verifying it to proceed with the installation, this process takes a few minutes, it is almost instantaneous.

How to pay for my Counter Strike 1.6 server through Western Union?

We accept payments by international shipments in Western Union. We have developed a guide with all the steps to make a payment in Western Union, please visit the following link https://clientes.advcom.org/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=6

What is the difference between Counter Strike 1.6 server hosting and VPS?

Our line of Counter Strike 1.6 server hosting has features that the VPS line does not have. For example, CPU usage, bandwidth, and RAM memory is unmetered. The protection against DDoS attacks is superior, up to 500Gbps mitigation. We give access to a premium control Panel via web with all the features, simplifying routine tasks of installation, updating, supervision, complex administration, etc.

Do you have other locations available?

We only have the location Montreal (Canada) in all our line of Game Hosting

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